Promicon Systems


The vNET drive network connects the head module with the servo controllers.

This network is consequently designed for speed, precision and robustness to meet the requirements for shortest cycle time combined with highly dynamic servo drives.


The vNET drive network is characterized by a high transmission rate and short reaction time, because only in this way the high dynamics of modern servo drives can be fully developed. The time for bi-directional data traffic between 2 participants is under 3 µs at vNET, unidirectional data transfer requires less than 2 µs.


The key for the precision of the networked control systems lies in the isochronous timing of the data transfer. Here, the head module sends special telegrams in a fixed grid and the connected modules derive the instants of their activities from them. The timing inaccuracies of these synchronization telegrams are called jitter. The value achieved by vNET is much better than the value of other systems.


A very important aspect in practical use is the high robustness of the overall system against electromagnetic influences. As the wiring is usually installed in an EMV-critical environment and the causes of impairing often are very difficult to find, this point is of essential importance to achieve a high availability and reliability.

Technological facts

  • Cycle time:
  • Transmission rate:
  • Jitter:
  • 250 µs
  • 80 Mbit / s
  • < 20 ns