Promicon Systems

Flexible programming

VariMotion has all program elements, which are needed to configurate motions and functional processes.
  • Parallel running programs
  • Arithmetics
  • Variables
  • Timer
  • Sequence control, subroutines
  • Access to inputs and outputs
  • Communication
  • Mathematical functions (sine, logarithm etc.)
  • Access to current axis data
    (position, speed, current etc.)

VariMotion allows a wide variety of technology functions. For this, there are numerous function objects available to the user. These objects are composed via programming to combined technology functions.

Tasks like synchronous run, flying saw, velocity profiles, position detection with trigger input or torque monitoring can be easily realized.

The function objects of VariMotion guarantee the highest degree of flexibility in implementing individual tasks. Adjustments of ready-made technology functions by the manufacturer are no longer necessary.

Various demanding tasks are realizable through the application of the function objects.

  • Synchronized running of axes
  • Master-slave functions
  • Flying saw
  • Gantry axes
  • Camshaft controller