Promicon Systems

Easy integration

In the field of mechanical and system engineering networked devices are indispensable parts of the overall structure. This offers significant cost advantages on the one hand, on the other hand functions can be realized, which are hardly conceivable without networking. However, the offered network systems have very different characteristics and are normally not compatible to each other. To provide links between different network types, there is a need for a special gateway – but this is cost intensive and often subjected to any restrictions.


To integrate VariMotion into different networks, there are corresponding network connections available. This allows VariMotion to get linked directly with conventional control systems. Created programs to control the motion and the process can be adopted without or only with minimal change. This facilitates the transmission to other systems and safes investments in application programs.

Relief of the PLC

As VariMotion is able to perform motion and functional processes autonomously and in high speed, this is an ideal instrument to relief a superior PLC (or computer) of time-critical or compute-intensive tasks.

Another advantage is that sub processes can be decoupled in terms of time and thereby the system topology becomes more clearly and is easier to handle.