Promicon Systems

Dynamic and precision

Modern servo motors are characterized by high power density combined with high-resolution feedback systems. To implement these features into maximum dynamics and precision, controls with fast processors and powerful algorithms are needed.

Promicon has been established for many years in high-speed applications and meets these demands to a particular degree.

Lightning-fast real-time

VariMotion enables shortest reaction time and fast program processing. Time critical tasks are reliably solved, unnecessary waiting periods are eliminated.

One special property is that motions can be started free of delay, thus increasing the machine power immediately.

Speed and target position can be modified also while a movement is ongoing (“on the fly”) without grinding the axis to a halt. The set values for acceleration and jerk limitation are precisely maintained.

Oscillation Reduction

To reduce oscillations to a minimum within the mechanical system, a high-precision jerk limitation is used for all motions.

The acceleration of the axis does not change suddenly by the jerk, but continuously increases or reduces over a predefined period of time.

This leads to a particularly harmonious motion profile and abrupt force surges are prevented. Mechanical vibrations are purposefully avoided and the power transmitting elements are optimally protected.