Promicon Systems

Unlimited movability

With VariMotion the motion of several axes can be coordinated in nearly any way. In order to realize this task, there is a flexible programming and a large technology library available.

As all data of the axes can be directly accessed within VariMotion, almost any functional links between the axes can be realized.

Hereby the possibilities go far beyond the pure coordination of axis movements, because also process signals and communication information are integrated into the process.

The result is a high degree of freedom regarding to the implementation of individual demands, which is of essential importance particularly for special machines.

  • Change of speed in relation to a process variable (e.g. analog or digital signal). The new speed considering the acceleration and the jerks takes effect immediately.
  • Modification of the target position depending on a measurement during the motion (e.g. probe or image evaluation). In this case, there is no standstill of the axis, but the motion will be adapted immediately to the new requirements.
  • Reduction of the torque depending on certain conditions across the process flow.

Of course, it is also possible to derive actions from the motion of the axes.

  • Setting an output when exceeding a specific position.
  • Reading in measured valves at a predefined position.
  • Triggering of actions when reaching a specific speed or exceeding a specific motor current.