Promicon Systems

Series AKM

These motors are particularly suitable for applications where the main requirement is high dynamics and a compact design. The motors are available with torques of 0.18 Nm until 53.0 Nm.


  • Standardized flanges, fit j6, accuracy according to DIN 42955, tolerance class N
  • Insulation class F according to IEC 60085
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Rotatable connectors for feedback and power
  • Temperature monitoring of stator winding via temperature sensor


  • Holding brake
  • Shaft sealing ring for protection class IP 65
  • Diverse variants for flange, hole circle and shaft


The motors can be equipped with various feedback systems as single-turn or multi-turn.

  • Resolver
  • Optical EnDat encoder
  • Inductive EnDat encoder
  • Optical Hiperface encoder
  • Optical Hiperface encoder with secure mechanical connecting

Functional safety

Within the functional safety according to EN 13849 there are safety functions, which require a safe mechanical connection between motor shaft and feedback.

For this purpose the motors can be delivered with secure optical feedback with Hiperface interface. This eliminates any additional security measures to detect a mechanical defect.