Promicon Systems


Topologie MGuard

Modular structure

The structure of the system is totally modular constructed and is made of a bridge module and up to 12 axis modules.

The connection to the servo controllers is done by standard RJ45 cable.

Certified safety functions

All of the safety functions are carried out along with the servo controller independently. This means there is no programming neccessary for the real safety functions. Therefore it is that important as such a programming within the meaning of the safety instructions would result in a time intensive validation of proper function.

Easy interfacing with safety controls

Particular attention was given at the connection to safety controls, that few signals are required for it if possible.

This goal will be reached because groups with a number of axis can be build at the bridge module which can be controlled by mutual signals. If the safety function SLS shall be applied on 6 axes for example only one single input is neccessary for it. The other way round it will be signaled by one output that all 6 axes operate free from interference.