Promicon Systems

Functional safety

Motion Guard Gruppe

The architecture of the functional safety is constructed in two stages to reach an optimum regarding the function, flexibility and efficiency. The extended functions for motion-based safety can be added when needed.


Each servo controller is fitted with the function STO (Safe-Torque-Off) by default. Hereby simple tasks like a protective door function can be controlled.

Motion-based safety

For the realization of motion-based functions (i.e. SLS Safely Limited Speed) each servo controller can be extended by an external module. The connection needed therefore is available at the servo controller by default.

Rapid response time

Because servo controller show a very high ability in acceleration a rapid response time is of extraordinarily significance. This criteria was a particular focus on the safety modules. To detect an inadmissible movement the response time for a shutoff is less than 2 microseconds.

Certified by TÜV

Regarding their safe function all components are checked and certified by the TÜV according to the relevant standard specifications and can be used for applications up to Performance Level e (SIL 3).