Promicon Systems


CPM Gruppe


The CPM-1000 series of servo controllers offer the highest level of functionality and flexibility enabling optimum and reliable operation of electrical drives in the widest range of applications.

  • A variety of motors produced by various manufacturers can be directly connected and operated without any need to intervene in the controller firmware. To make this possible a universal feedback interface is available for the most common encoders.

  • To develop dynamics and precision of modern servo motors optionally, the regulation occurs by a fast RISC processor and powerful algorithms. PromiconĀ“s well established experience in high-speed applications takes considerable account to this criterion.


In order to implement the CPM-1000 as universal and easy as possible, hardware interfaces as well as software interfaces are of particular importance.

  • The integration of different interface connections with established fieldbuses and networks enables a reliable connection with low effort.

  • Due to basic functions of the axis common tasks can be quickly implemented. The range of functions can be easily expanded at any time when required. As a result of this, the programmer is able to realize also specific applications, which otherwise would be only very difficult or even impossible to solve.

CompactMotion [7,07 MB]